First Calling Notice - 8th International Galliformes Symposium
Ngày 05 tháng 08, 2021

First Calling Notice

The World Pheasant Association (WPA) will hold a symposium on the conservation and sustainable management of all species of Galliformes (megapodes, cracids, guineafowl, quails, turkeys, grouse and pheasants), with a special emphasis on threatened species and their habitats. This meeting is the successor to the 7th International Galliformes Symposium held in Vietnam in September 2019. It will be jointly organised by WPA and our Indonesian partner organisation. The objective is to hold amajor gathering of all those with an interest in Galliformes and the conservation of these birds and their habitats.
Invited and contributed oral presentations, posters with short talks, discussion seminars
and technical workshops may fit any of the following topics:
• Ecology and conservation of the species and their habitats in Indonesia and in other range states around the world. Habitat degradation, fragmentation, climate change, forest management and genomics are cutting edge topics
• Ecological studies of threatened species
• Galliformes and their exploitation
• Implementing and monitoring management actions
• Management of protected areas for Galliformes
• Conservation breeding of rare species
• Management and welfare of species in captivity
• Genetics and taxonomy
• Techniques: - Designing and carrying out field projects - Analysing and communicating results - Managing captive populations - Developing, implementing and monitoring recovery programmes
Format The first part of the symposium will take place over three days at the hotel in Taman Safari, Prigen near Surabaya, eastern Java, and will comprise presentations and extended poster sessions. There will then be an opportunity to visit the Baluran National Park, well known for its Green Peafowl and Green Junglefowl, where it may be possible to arrange workshops and field excursions, with opportunities for discussions between early-career ornithologists. Pre- and post-symposium tours will be arranged for birdwatchers, naturalists and people with cultural and other interests. Visits to the Maleo conservation area in Sulawesi, and the Bali Myna area in West Bali may be possible.
Registration Every effort will be made to keep the cost of attendance as low as possible so that a large number of young conservationists from countries where these species occur can attend. IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST AT ALL IN ATTENDING PLEASE LET US KNOW NOW, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO FINANCIAL SUPPORT AT THIS STAGE. Email to Barbara Ingman at Full registration details including costs and supporting information will be posted on the WPA Website ( as they become available. Participants will be required to pay for accommodation and food, and should seek their own travel funds as soon as possible.
Contributions and proceedings If you wish to contribute a talk, poster, workshop or in any other way to the programme, you will need to submit an Abstract. Please look out for the Second Calling Notice, and details that will be posted on the WPA website.

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